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President's Message, Spring/Summer 2021:

In the spring of 2020, just over a year ago, COVID-19 brought live music in the Lehigh Valley to a screeching halt. As 2021 commenced, the music mostly remained silent, but with mitigations and vaccines having significantly improved conditions, I am pleased to share that outdoor concerts are set to return to the Valley, and the Marine Band of Allentown is scheduled to perform this summer!


As of the writing of this message (May, 2021), the Steering Committee of the ensemble has outlined our COVID-19 protocols that will assist the band in rehearsals, as well as in performances. These protocols will also account for the safety of our audience. The Marine Band will perform with a smaller number of musicians and will maintain 6-foot social distancing between members. Our instruments will have covers to limit the number of aerosols that would become airborne while playing wind instruments. The band will also perform in front of any bandshell to reduce the spread of aerosols overtop of members from risers. Even as some of the COVID-19 mandates will expire on May 31, 2021, we will ask our audience to be no closer than 12 feet from the front row of performers.


With all the above said, the Marine Band of Allentown excitedly awaits the opportunity to provide quality concerts for the up-coming concert season. For a list of our currently scheduled concerts, please see the website for times and locations. Come back frequently as the schedule may change (hopefully for the better!).


Finally, I would like to thank all those community members who have supported the Marine Band of Allentown during 2020! Although the music may have been silent, we appreciate that you stayed with us, knowing the music would return! Without your continued support, our music would not be possible!


From the entire Marine Band of Allentown, we look forward to seeing you this summer season at our venues throughout the Lehigh Valley!


Remain safe and healthy, and we will see you soon!


Mike Schaffer


Marine Band of Allentown

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