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2022 Concert Schedule

(Click on the location for address and directions)

    Date                                     Location                                 Time

Sunday, April 24                 Christ Lutheran Church, Allentown             3:00pm

Sunday, May 15                  West Park, Allentown                                    3:00pm

Friday, June 3                      West Park, Allentown                                    7:30pm

Sunday, June 12                 
West Park, Allentown                                    7:30pm

Sunday, July 3
                     Luther Crest, Allentown                                7:00pm

day, July 31                   West Park, Allentown                                    7:30pm

day, August 14             West Park, Allentown                                    7:30pm

Friday, September 9
           West Park, Allentown                                   7:00pm

Sunday, September 18      West Park, Allentown                                   3:00pm

day, September 25      Festival of Bands                                           2:30pm
                                              Northampton Area High School

Sunday, November 13       First Baptist Church of Lansdale                3:00pm

Sunday, December 4          Lehigh Valley Active Life Center                 3:00pm
Sunday, December 18        Luther Crest Senior Community                7:00pm



West Park, Allentown

1598 Linden Street

Allentown, PA 18102

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